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Building a Learning & Growing Community


Yin & Restorative

Mini Retreat


When the weight of the world feels too heavy, we can choose to rest. To step into the calm waters

of our breath and reach down into our own sense of peace and nourishment. This little retreat

offers a safe space for you to find your own healing with gentle guidance from yoga teacher, artist

and reiki practitioner, Erika Rosso. Come relax into a blend of deep Yin stretches and restful

Restorative poses meant for every body, no yoga experience necessary.

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Did you know that Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and the first day of summer? This means that as the days grow warmer, they also grow shorter. Life is a constant ebb and flow between giving and taking, and summer is no different.

Join us to celebrate the energy of the sun and set intentions for the new season ahead.  Together we will move our bodies to fire up our inner strength and give thanks for the blessings of the coming fruits of Summer.


Pelvic Floor Workshop

This is a 4 class series every Tuesday from 2-3:30pm beginning March 28 dedicated to learning about pelvic floor health and how it contributes to practicing yoga safely.  Each class will start with a discussion and move into an hour long yoga practice that will reinforce your learning.  Class topics will include:


How to safely strengthen and relax the pelvic floor.

Basic anatomy of the pelvis.

Why the pelvic floor is critical.

How to correctly kegal.

How to measure diastasis recti or abdominal separation.

How the breath and posture relates to the pelvic floor.


This offering is suitable for women of all ages:

  • who may have had children

  • who may have incontinence

  • who may have mild prolapse

  • who have pelvic floor tightness or weakness

This class is not a replacement for medical care. Please consult your doctor or pelvic floor therapist to make sure this class is suitable for your body.

Practicing Yoga


We offer workshops and presentations from a variety of specialists and instructors who offer their own unique talents to our community.

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