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Iyengar Yoga Studio


We love what we do at Destination Health and are excited to share our services with those who call this amazing island home and with those who visit each year. Our policies are designed to meet the needs of the majority of our clients. If you need special accommodations, do not hesitate to bring your need to our attention.


We recommend yoga or loose-fitted clothing for most activities within our center.


Clean indoor sneakers/cycle shoes are required for all fitness classes. Yoga classes are conducted barefoot.

Undergarments are optional during our therapy treatments and in our infrared sauna and flotation tank. Towels will be provided as covering.  More information about attire and preparation for spa services is available on our treatment pages. 


Please arrive 5 minutes before each class. If you are not present at the start of class, you will risk losing your spot to either someone on the waitlist or drop-ins who are physically present at the start of class. Please plan to attend the whole class for which you are registered.

To accommodate all of the clients that want to attend a fitness or yoga class, we have a 12-hour cancellation policy on all classes. This allows those on the waitlist to be notified in time to attend a class.  You can cancel your reservation via your MINDBODY account up to 12 hours prior to the start of class.

If you cancel less than 12 hours before your registered class or are a no-show:

  • Fee for late cancel is $15

  • Clients with a class pass will be charged as if you had attended the class.

  • As a courtesy, you may cancel your reservation with less than 12 hours before class to open the space for another client in the class, but the late cancellation policy is still applicable.


Massage, Sauna, and private or small group sessions require a 24-hour cancellation. Less than 24 hrs notice requires payment of the full price of the scheduled session.

If you are unable to attend a class due to an emergency, email us at


Please help us preserve the peace and tranquility of our center. We request that you keep voices down when in the waiting room to avoid disturbing other clients. We also ask that you restrict cell phone use in any area of the center with the exception of the lobby area.

Glass and open containers of food or liquid are not allowed in the studio or sauna. Plastic and metal water bottles are encouraged. To reduce the risk of cross contamination, we will be removing our refillable water stations. Please bring your own so you can keep hydrated during your sweat sesh!

We do have a locker room with showers and changing rooms for your convenience. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, so please avoid bringing in highly valuable items. 


Destination Health accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express in our physical location. We recommend purchasing online prior to arrival if possible, using our website or by going through the Mindbody App.


Tipping is left to the discretion of our guests. Standard gratuity for therapy treatments and private consultations is 18%. For your convenience, envelopes are provided at the front desk.



How do I sign up with Destination Health?

How do I sign up with Destination Health?

We use the MINDBODY Online System for class registration and payments. You can create an online account the first time you register for a class or make an online purchase. Simply download the app or access it directly on your computer through the link above. We have also integrated our webpage with mindbody so that you can book classes and appointments directly through our site. 



Can I share or transfer passes with someone?

Can I share or transfer passes with someone?

Class packages and unlimited memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be used by any other individual than the one purchasing it.


You may purchase a gift card for another individual in our shop 

How can I tell if a class has been cancelled due to weather?

How can I tell if a class has been cancelled due to weather?

We try our best not to cancel, and if the weather allows, we will hold classes in our schedule. That said, there are times when a class may be cancelled if our instructors are unable to get to the center.  In the case of a yoga or fitness class cancellation, we will post on our Facebook page and on MINDBODY in our schedule.

Does Destination Health have yoga equipment and towels I can use?

We have yoga mats that you can rent from us if you do not have one. All props for classes will be provided. If you would like to use the shower after your workout or class we have towels available for rental, however, if you are utilizing one of our spa treatments, complimentary towels are provided.

Where do I park?

Where do I park?

Street parking is available on and around cottage street. Traffic can be congested in Bar Harbor, particularly in the summer, so give yourself at least 15 min to find parking during peak hours.

What if I had an old plan before the move? Does it transfer?

What if I had an old plan before the move? Does it transfer? 

Yes! Destination Health plans to honor all pre-paid plans that were still in effect when we had to close our doors prior to the move. That said, much of our system is different and our offerings have changed, so we are asking people to re-register. If you have any trouble with your mindbody account, please call or come in to see how we can best accommodate any challenges

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