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Destination Health is committed to helping people achieve their optimal health and wellness.   We take a comprehensive approach to health, focusing not only on physical health, but emotional, spiritual, intellectual and community health and wellness.  


Our goal is to create a healthy environment that engages the entire community in a friendly, supportive and accessible way.   


Owner & Founder

I have had a passion for health and wellness my entire life. I became a competitive athlete when I was 3 years old and a state gymnastics champion by the time I was 10. I loved pushing my limits. In my early twenties, I began working as a certified fitness instructor and that's when I began to notice physical effects from all the high impact classes I was teaching. I started receiving massage therapy to help my body recover. The transformation was astonishing. That was when I knew I wanted to create a career around helping others address all of their health and wellness needs.


After settling on MDI with my husband in 2004, we renovated an old house and created a wellness center of sorts on our property as we began our family. That is when I met Maija Leyendecker. The two of us offered massage therapy services, private personal training, infrared sauna sessions and group spin classes.  As we started to get booked up, I began looking for space to accommodate more people. 


When Laura Neal, the owner of Cattitude yoga studio, called me and asked if I’d be interested in taking over her space,  I knew it was meant to be. It was so much fun to transition to downtown Bar Harbor where we met and served such a variety of people, both locally and from away. We attracted incredibly talented practitioners and teachers and together had a successful 5 year run at Bayside Landing. However, the inability to expand and grow meant that in 2019 we realized it was time to change again. This ultimately prompted new partnerships, ideas, and the build of MDI’s first and only Wellness Center right in downtown Bar Harbor.


It has been a lifelong dream to own my own wellness center and I couldn’t feel more proud and grateful to be living out my dream here on MDI with this amazing community.  This profession is truly a passion, a labor of love and to share what I love doing with others is a true gift.  My hopes are that you all will love what we have built, feel a sense of pride to be a part of it and to know that all of  your preventative and therapeutic health needs can now be taken care of under one beautiful roof.  Thanks for all the support!


Quality & Professionalism.   We strive for the highest standard of services so that all of our clients feel that they are moving towards their optimal health. 

Continuous Improvement & Growth.   We always want to get better at what we do.   Please send us feedback at anytime. 

Accessibility.   We believe everyone should get the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and practice.  We aim to offer courses to support individuals from every walk of life. 

Supporting the Community.   Being a locally owned business, we know the value of investing in the community and take efforts to partner and support Mount Desert Island initiatives and organizations. 

Mara Raskin


Co -Owner 

Mara trained extensively in New York City and achieved Certified Instructor status in early 2003 from Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Master Instructor Romana Kryzanowska. Mara secured a second comprehensive certification in 2008 from Stott Pilates, a contemporary, anatomically-based approach in Joseph Pilates' original method incorporating modern exercise principles to promote spinal rehabilitation and overall performance enhancement. These certifications enable her to work wit clients across a broad spectrum, from injury rehabilitation through competitive athletes.


Mara can often be found instructing Hatha yoga outdoors, both on Mat and on a slackline, applying her broad skills to ensure safe play, alignment, and lots of laughter and fun! Mara has a passion for helping others to improve their physical awareness and quality of life through the application of intentional, controlled movement...on the ground and in the air!


studio 8.JPG

What a wonderful asset to our community. Destination Health is very welcoming and the staff is outstanding. Many classes at all ability levels are available. Highly recommend this gem of a place.

Lisa Skiff

After a long, busy week caring for other people's needs Jodi scheduled and tailored a yoga class to meet OUR needs...focusing on our well being and restoring our energy. She was gracious, accommodating, and inspiring so much that I carried this feeling of health and renewal into the weekend and still find my mindset has shifted. The studio was perfection from the calming scent as you walk through the door to the arched window overlooking quaint Bar Harbor.

Lori Krupke

We stopped in for spin class  while being in Bar Harbor for the weekend and it was fun! Definitely challenging and it worked up a great sweat!

Eva Golaszewski

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