Destination Health believes that self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity for anyone wanting to live their best life. Integrating massage and other therapeutic treatments into your wellness plan can help alleviate anxiety and stress, chronic pain, and increase immunity.  


Come in to our center, or we can come to you!  


Focus Massage

Refresh with this focused 30 minute therapeutic massage. Your therapist will work on a specific area of tension. For many people this is the shoulders, neck and upper back.


This is a great service if you are limited on time or need a specific targeted treatment.


Love a deep tissue massage, but hate the pain? Then our signature massage is just the answer. Amazing choreographed waves of kneading open locked muscles, free energy blockages, and relieve tension. This therapy incorporates more lymphatic drainage than a traditional deep tissue, resulting in greater detoxification and an enhanced boost to the immune system. 

With the optional use of hot steam towels and essential oils, all of your tension and stress will melt away, while releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain.

Deep Tissue

Focus on those overworked muscles living well below the surface with this intensely therapeutic massage. Increase joint mobility, soothe aching muscles and relieve stress. 


Your therapist will focus on trigger points, muscle adhesions and imbalances to bring your body back into balance.

Sports Massage

Customize this massage to fit your active lifestyle. .Improve your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury with a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching and compression techniques. This massage reduces muscle pain and joint soreness, increases flexibility and speeds recovery from injuries or overworked muscles.

Improve flexibility, help prevent injuries, and prepare your mind and body for optimal performance


Designed for the Mommy-to-be! Pillows are used to support the client in a comfortable and safe position. Designed specifically for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, this deeply soothing therapy works to improve circulation, reduce swelling in hands and feet, and release tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.


(Note: we do not perform massages in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.)

Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating
and enhancing the functioning of a physiological
body system called the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.


The therapist will gently work with the spine and the skull to ease any restrictions of nerve passages, optimizing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord and restoring misaligned bones to their proper position.



Indulge with One or More Add-Ons
Organic, full spectrum CBD oil is crafted for potency and delivers superior bio-availability and maximum absorption with zero THC. CBD Massage increases pain relief and reduces inflammation, stress, and anxiety.  Can be added to any massage for $15.00.
Herbal Foot Soak
Finish your massage with a luxuriant foot soak in our relaxation room made from local specialists. Available add-on for any treatment for just $15.00
Body Scrub
Your body will glow like never before with a 15 min body scrub before your massage! Body scrubbing exfoliates and improves the skin while detoxifying the body and increasing circulation. It’s the perfect prep for a new season (or just a new day). Can be added to any massage for $30.00.

Try out our incredible infrared sauna or flotation therapy.



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Pressure Point Massage

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