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We offer personal consultations in a variety of fields based on your needs, from Personal Training and Fitness, to Yoga, Nutrition, and more. Meet with a specialist in any area to assess your challenges, create goals, and make a plan to help you achieve them. One free consultation is included when you sign up as a new member, and you can purchase consultations individually, but we recommend purchasing an 8-week consultation plan to insure that these new habits stick.  

Therapy Session

Start with a Consultation

We recommend beginning this journey with a 60 min intake consultation meeting. Whether online or in person, sit with one of our specialists and get an assessment, set goals, and learn a little about what the coaching program would be like. 

We are What We Eat.

Explore Destination Health's Nutrition Offerings.

Healthy Food

We are all unique. That is why it is important to find out what we need as individuals. To understand this, we take time to discuss your individual needs and steps to continue your health journey. We use food and mood journals, discuss recipes and ways to prepare foods, address barriers to healthy choices, and lifestyle changes such as gut health, hydration, stress, sleep, habits, activity levels, and more.

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Lindsay takes a holistic approach to create a plan specific to your needs & lifestyle. 

What is Bio scanning?


A Zyto scanner is a device used in conducting bio-surveys in a human body using a series of steps in a process known as bio-communication. This machine asks questions of your body and records the responses in form of signals it receives.

This tool can make the process of finding bio individuality easier and can help identify what your body needs at the time of the scan. 

This is an optional add on when you book a nutrition appointment. Call for more information. 



Bridal Bootcamp, New Year's Resolution, or Whole Life Challenge? Whatever your goal is, step it up with our 6-Week Power Package. Get personal coaching, unlimited classes and access to all Destination Health offers. 

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