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LifeVantage® ProBio supplement provides 6 Billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria‡ using time-release technology to support optimal digestion and immune system function.


When it comes to weight management and digestive health, sometimes your gut is wrong. Science, on the other hand, is usually spot on. And according to research, a healthy digestive system needs the right amount of beneficial bacteria to help you feel better and break through dieting plateaus.


ProBio is science’s answer to gastrointestinal health, giving you the right balance of probiotics and immune system support to keep your body on track. In fact your gut could win awards (if it wasn’t too humble to even consider entering a contest). It comes with a wide range of healthy benefits that include:


  • 6 Billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria to support your digestive system ‡
  • Provides beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy gut flora 
  • Helps maintain gut integrity 
  • Safely enhances your immune system 
  • Features a unique controlled-release technology, delivering probiotics throughout the day and deep into your digestive system — where they are needed most 
  • Helps improve tight junctions and the communication between your brain and gut to help signal that you are full 


ProBio available for monthy subscription at $40.99 per month. Ask for more information at the front desk. 

LifeVantage ProBio Probiotic


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