LifeVantage Fat Burner supports your body's metabolism and natural ability to burn fat with a proprietary blend of citrus extracts and green coffee seed extract.


Give your metabolism a wakeup call. 

Those virtually impossible to lose pounds around your belly, hips, and thighs? Affectionately called "stubborn fat cells", they are simply normal fat cells that have gotten out of whack. The worst part? Some science suggests that in some cases dieting by eating less and exercising more can actually make stubborn fat more stubborn! It's a catch-22! PhysIQ Fat Burn combats that effect, allowing you to diet responsibly and exercise regularly while supporting the systems in your body responsible for metabolism, energy, and fat storage, so you can reap the full rewards of your hard work. 


  • Supports body's natural fat burning processes by using stubborn fat cells as energy 
  • Helps maintain lean body composition 
  • Supports the body's metabolism for continuous and prolonged fat burning 
  • Helps you feel more energized 
  • Supports healthy weight management 
  • Engineered with clinically shown ingredient Sinetrol® 


LifeVantage Fat Burner is available for monthy subscription at $50.99 per month. Ask for more information at the front desk. 

LifeVantage Fat Burner


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