We are excited to be offering new classes at the Bar Harbor Club all summer long. These classes will meet at the Pool House of the Bar Harbor Club on West Street from June 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2019. AquaFit will continue to be offered thru Sept. 30.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class. This class is drop-in or call the studio to pre-pay at 207-288-3121. We accept cash and credit cards as well as Destination Health class passes.

M W F 8:00 AM


Aqua Fit is a challenging water workout combining cardio and resistance training. It is for everyone and is especially for those with joint injuries. You willuse your body weight and the water’s resistanceto burncalories, get stronger, leaner, and more energetic. A fun, fast-paced class with modifications for all fitness levels.

M W F 9:30 AM


Pilates Mat Class uses your body weight as the primary source of resistance. We will perform the classic pilates core exercises to strengthen our deepest layers of core muscles. You will learn proper technique using breath, alignment, awareness, and strength. Modifications are offered for every fitness level.This class is great for newcomers as well as experienced Pilates movers.

T TH 9:00 AM


Tai Chi embraces the mind, body, and spirit. Our movements are slow and fluid allowing us to gradually strengthen our muscles. Tai Chi for Health is designed for those with arthritis, balance problems, and other chronic conditions. It is suitable for all participants and ages. Weather permitted we will practice outside. Tai Chi may be performed standing or seated.Tai Chi will meet at the entrance of the Pool House.

T TH 8:00 AM


This class is dedicated to a returning to our true nature of love in all forms. We will focus on asana and breath work as tools to connect to our light, unlimited power, grace, and consciousness. We will cultivate a balancing of flexibility, stability, and strength using a technique of one breath, one movement. Effortlessly what we practice in here will transfer out there. Allowing ourselves to unfold, unwind, and unlearn the human doing and return to the human being.

SAT 9:45 AM


Yoga Flow is a moderately paced flow class where students will focus on developing strength, flexibility, balance and mental control that every person needs to function at their best off the mat. This “all levels” class provides practitioners with a full body exploration of our habits in order to move with greater ease. Every class will utilize asana (poses) to strengthen and lengthen the large muscles you use to perform all life’s tasks but also the smaller, under developed muscles that support our joints.Students can expect to explore standing, seated, balance and beginner arm balances in this class as well as some restorative/yin/myofascial release at the end of class to restore balance to the body. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners!

Destination Health MDI


from March - June we will be at 82 Otter Creek Dr., Otter Creek, ME  04660

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